School Meals


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Cafeteria Lunch Ticket Procedure

In the interest of good nutrition for all students, lunch tickets may be purchased on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The advantages of buying prepaid lunch tickets are:

1) Students may purchase any of the full lunches offered on the menu with the lunch ticket.

2) Students will be guaranteed lunch without having to worry about bringing lunch money.

3) Prepaid lunch tickets are also utilized for the students approved for free or reduced-price lunch.

Please contact the student’s school’s main office for details. Students approved for reduced-price lunch may purchase a prepaid lunch ticket for $.25 per lunch.


Daily Lunch Prices: $2.00
Reduced-Price Lunch: $.25


Willow Road, Wheeler Avenue, and Howell Road: $.75
For information about free or reduced-price meal eligibility, please call the school your child attends.


Questions or concerns please contact the food service office @ 516-872-7784